Patrick's PALS

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Patrick's PALS is in the fortunate position of receiving not one but two matching grants in 2015! Stephen Karp, Real Estate Developer and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Boston Children's Hospital & Jeffrey Lurie, Owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and Director of the Nancy Lurie Marks Foundation and creator of the Lurie Family Foundation (both which have raised millions of dollars for Autism research) have independent of one-another awarded matching grants of $25,000!

So, your donation to Patrick's PALS doubles in size in 2015

if we can meet the challenge of these generous grants!

This t-shirt design is by Abigail Vershbow.  And, it sums it all up nicely- PALS & Fundraising & FRAXA & Science are the ingredients to a cure!

Please "click around" on the site and learn about this event and the cause. And, when you are finished, please consider making a donation or consider including us at some point as part of your charitable donations in 2015! Thank you.